smith shield surname of artificial stone 33 * 26 cm. 30€

Celtic symbolism

Carving a triskelion with three triquetas

In artificial stone can carve any
 element of common Celtic symbolism in the northern regions of 
Spain .

Celtic symbol in a garden composition


Example familiar banner uniting Spain and UK


¿Who represents humility and vanity?
Genea , according to mythology, is the eldest daughter of the founders of
mankind. Lenus lived in Phoenicia with his brother , with whom he had
three children , Fos , Pir and Flox , ie , light, heat and flame. Genea name the root of the name of science in question is derived. Genealogy , -of Genea Greek, generation and logos, treaty- is the science that studies the number of ancestors of a person
investigating the ascending branches of the call Genealogical Tree .
Well, this activity , historical research is complemented in some cass with the Heraldry .
And what about the thousands of Archetypes we carry , common and individual .



Another example of family union in gray


¿Herald is King of Arms , but was also commonly applied quality
courier or advertiser of some new . And this is precisely
what were the ancient heralds, beares of arms or crest of
the master they served. Heraldry , therefore,

is the science and sets standardsfor the correct

interpretation of the crests or coats of arms.